Vantage Cohort Builder

Key Features

Real World Data

Including six years of hospital episode statistics (HES) tracking patients through inpatient, outpatient, and A&E settings of care, with monthly data updates to ensure you have the latest insights.

Build a Cohort in Minutes

Simple, step-by-step approach to building specific and complex cohorts from defining your study period with unlimited inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Built-in Descriptive Stats

Gain instant insights on your cohort with pre-populated data points including demographics, activity, costs, simple tracking analysis and more; easily export and share with colleagues.

Simple Analysis

Run fast and effective detailed analysis on the activity for your patient cohort(s) within the Cohort Analyser; export your cohort to excel for further interrogation of the data.

Years of HES data
Unique Patients
Patient Interactions
Localities, including ICS
Diagnoses with 4th Character Granularity
Procedures with 4th Character Granularity
Example Use Cases

Unlimited Feasibility Counts

Save time and effort with quick analysis to support research decisions or studies.

Track Patient Activity

Understand patient activity pre or post a particular event or intervention.

Connect Care Settings

Easily track a cohort across inpatient, outpatient and emergency care.

Identify Patterns

Quantify the post-procedural probability of complications or infections.