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Vestrum Health® Data

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With deep roots in health care analytics, our retina team has over 10 years of experience extracting EHR details leveraging proprietary processes and algorithms, allowing automated extraction of important EHR data.

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CASE STUDY: Supporting optimized management for both scientific research and clinical practice

Across the healthcare ecosystem, preclinical research, clinical trials, and clinical medicine converge to deliver better care to patients. While data typically flow from preclinical and clinical research to the clinician, optimizing the capture and organization of clinical practice data for the clinician can further enhance this entire ecosystem.

CASE STUDY: Increasing patient recruitment and administrative efficiencies

Efficient clinical research mandates the implementation of precise processes to optimize outcomes and results. The importance of comprehensive data and patient recruitment are intrinsically bound to these ideas; optimizing efficiency and organization leads to recruitment acceleration and better workflow for higher productivity.

CASE STUDY: Detailed data analytics improve performance metrics

Clinical care settings rely on teams with many layers functioning at their optimum capacity. The administrative personnel at a given clinic may contribute to physician performance and productivity, as well as overall site performance and revenue efficiencies.