Key Features

Rich EMR Dataset

Powered by Vestrum Health, includes HIPAA compliant patient demographics, clinical insights, and patient outcomes such as visual acuity and foveal thickness.

Visual and Flexible

Easy to interpret and interactive charts, graphs, and maps with the option to pivot insights by specific date ranges, region, drug, indication, practice size, insurer type and more.

Physician Insights

Understand the why; gain further context on prescribing behaviour, switching decisions and anticipated changes over the next 12 months through our panel of retina specialists.

Export and Share

Take content offline into Excel or PowerPoint for further analysis or to share with colleagues and/or externally with healthcare professionals.

Years of EMR data
Patient Eyes
Patient Visits
Retina Specialists
Data Updates
Example Use Cases

Evaluate Market Share

Understand how your product or competitor products are performing

Track Drug Switching

Longitudinal tracking of treatment and switching over a 7-year history

Monitor Patient Outcomes

Track visual acuity, foveal thickness, and time between treatments

Prescribing Behaviour

Determine the main drivers affecting prescribing decisions