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Primary Care Activity Data launched in CorEvitas’ Vantage® platform

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of Primary Care Activity Data in CorEvitas’ Vantage® platform, offering users the opportunity to interrogate patient activity in the primary care setting.

This cutting-edge platform provides secure access to anonymized, local-level data encompassing diagnosis, treatment, demographics, and more across England. By utilizing this platform, healthcare stakeholders can make informed strategic decisions, optimize resource allocation, enhance treatment strategies, and improve care coordination and outcomes. 

The first Real-World Data (RWD) platform offering primary care activity data, Vantage utilizes a panel dataset sourced from EMIS, SystmOne, and Vision, covering England. With more than 15.6 million patients added to the primary care panel dataset since 2019, it is currently the fastest-growing GP-provided source.

Vantage primary care data storyboard

For more information on Primary Care Activity Data and to request a demo of CorEvitas’ Vantage platform, please visit CorEvitas’ Vantage Primary Care Activity Data