CorEvitas has clinical sites across the U.S., Canada and Japan and we are always interested in expanding the registry for qualified sites.

Years of Patient Data
Participating Patients
Participating Sites
Network Benefits

Being a member of the CorEvitas network can help you elevate your practice.

Improve Patient Care

Derive special insights on your practice patters with our unique, proprietary physician dashboards.

Get Compensated

Receive payments for baseline and follow-up visits and reporting adverse events.

Stay Organized

Collect and review data using our easy-to-navigate dashboards and receive complete documentation for billing purposes.

"Private practice is always challenging. CorEvitas has provided our busy clinicians an opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to important science. The registry adds value to the information we collect in our daily work, and has even created jobs within our practice community."

Paul H. Caldron, DO
Our Process
CorEvitas offers qualified clinical sites the opportunity to take part in the data collection process.
Before participating, each site must obtain approval from CorEvitas and an Institution Review Board (IRB).
Finally, we ask that each site assign a principal investigator (PI) and a primary registry contact.

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