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VIDEO: Deep Dive into the Use of Real-World Registry Data as External Control Arms

Insights on how real-world data from registries can be used as external control arms in clinical trials.

While clinical registries are a valued source of longitudinal, real-world data, registries also provide expanded options for research and advancing randomized clinical trials. Understanding when and how to use registries in these use cases is quite nuanced and mandates a targeted approach and innovative expertise.

In this video, Heather Litman, CorEvitas Vice President, Biostatistics, provides interviewer Jeanne Linke Northrup with a deep dive into the expanded use of registries as external control arms in clinical trials.

Watch this video and learn more:

  • Challenges in rare condition trials for biopharma companies.
  • Purpose of control population in traditional clinical trials.
  • Enhancing control groups with hybrid control arms.
  • Prospective registries as real-world controls.
  • Minimizing bias in RCT control groups vs. real-world/hybrid controls.

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