Why? How? What?


Our real-world evidence (RWE) solutions start with client consultations to identify potential gaps and optimal solutions for RWE generation.

Agile Approach

From determining the optimal research methodology, to defining useful endpoints, our cross-functional team provides an agile approach while applying the highest standards of scientific and academic practice.

Compelling Evidence

This ensures that we produce both reliable and compelling evidence to satisfy stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem, including regulators, payers, providers and patients.

Our Capabilities

Market Access

In a forever-changing market access landscape, demonstrating and communicating the value of your product is critical to ensuring patient access and commercial success.

Our Approach

We take an innovative approach to identifying and evidencing key insights to resonate with your customers and support your goals.

Product Journey

We understand the product journey toward approval with both the FDA in the US and the EMA in the UK.

Multi-Disciplinary Team

Our team brings together expertise across market access, research, statistics, data analysis, epidemiology, and health economics. This team is complemented by our in-house clinicians, who inform the entire strategic process – providing insight and recommendations across ideation, design, implementation, and communication.

Final Result

A robust, data-driven value story that has real impact and can be utilized across your business functions.

Retinal Data Analytics

With deep roots in health care analytics, our retina team has over 10 years' experience extracting EHR details leveraging proprietary processes and algorithms, allowing automated extraction of important EHR data.

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We offer full data transparency

We offer high quality data and analytics