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EULAR Spotlight 2017 | From Evolution to Revolution in Treatment of RA Patients

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Real-world evidence (RWE) is increasingly important to clinicians, regulators and payers

  • Regional and local registries are a valuable source of RWE
  • The large Corrona RA US registry has revealed information revenant to clinical practice (e.g. non-adhearance, effectiveness and safety of biologics, orals and DMARDs, quality of life)
  • RWE complements data from clinical trials

Several challenges remain in the treatment of RA

  • Many patients do not take MTX as prescribed due to side effects or inadequate response
  • Reimbursement barriers in some countries may reduce patients’ chances of achieving clinical remission
  • Reliable biomarkers are needed to identify patients who would benefit from earlier biologic treatment

New approaches to treating RA are being developed

  • Considerable unmet medical need remains in DMARD-IR and TNF-IR RA patients
  • Breakthroughs in immunology are demystifying the heterogeneity of RA
  • Advances in protein engineering and precision combination treatment approaches to restore immune homeostasis may help achieve improved remission rates and safety
  • Roche is continuing its longstanding commitment to address unmet needs in rheumatic diseases



“RWE helps us create a bigger picture of what really happens to patients” — Prof Leslie Harrold


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