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Corrona Psoriasis Registry shares real-world evidence at AAD Virtual Meeting

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Portland, Ore. (June 12, 2020) — The Corrona® Psoriasis Registry, a joint collaboration between the National Psoriasis Foundation, NPF, and Corrona, LLC, the leading sponsor of registries in immune-mediated diseases, announces that studies from the registry will be presented at the American Academy of Dermatology Virtual Meeting Experience (AAD VMX) taking place June 12-14, 2020.

A total of 7 posters were accepted that highlight the breadth of real-world evidence collected in the Corrona Psoriasis Registry since its launch in 2015. The posters include studies of real-world prescribing patterns and regional variations, and in-depth characterization studies of patients prescribed recently approved biologic drugs. In addition, longitudinal studies reporting on improvements in patient reported outcomes such as quality of life and work productivity for biologic-treated patients will also be presented.

In support of the registry’s objective to serve as the gold standard for real-world evidence generation in psoriasis on drug effectiveness and safety, Corrona also announces efforts to collect data on COVID-19 outcomes in patients enrolled in the registry.

“The Corrona registry has grown rapidly, enrolling over 11,000 patients in five years across 238 sites. It serves as a robust data source for understanding the impact of COVID-19 on our psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients, including the safety of advanced therapies. The outcome data collected for COVID-19 cases combined with the detailed treatment, comorbidity, and disease severity data captured by the registry will be useful to support characterization of risk among affected patients,” noted Dr. Mark Lebwohl, professor and chairman, Kimberly and Eric J. Waldman Department of Dermatology, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, chairman emeritus of the NPF Medical Board, and scientific co-director of the registry.

“The studies presented at this scientific meeting highlight the clinical depth and impact of real-world evidence studies generated by fit-for-purpose registries. We are incredibly grateful for our patients, investigators, and sites that directly contribute to generating timely clinical insights for the scientific community,” said Dr. Jeff Greenberg, chief medical officer of Corrona.

Following is a list of accepted posters featuring Corrona Psoriasis Registry data:

— Geographic variations in the use of biologic therapy for psoriasis in the Corrona Psoriasis Registry: A pilot analysis of 2018 data. Enos C, O’Connell K, Harrison R, McLean RR, Dube B, Van Voorhees AS.
— Characterization of non-responders to IL-17 inhibitors in moderate-to-severe psoriasis patients enrolled in the Corrona Psoriasis Registry. Wu JJ, Lin T, Kearns DG, Chat VS, Litman HJ, Dube B, McLean RR.

— Real-world disease severity of patients with psoriasis initiating brodalumab: findings from the Corrona Psoriasis Registry. Kimmel G, Lebwohl M, Gordon K, vonCsiky-Sessoms S, Cronin A, Jacobson A.

— Real-World characteristics of patients with psoriasis initiating brodalumab: findings from the Corrona Psoriasis Registry. Armstrong A, Strober B, Drew S, Cronin A, Jacobson A.

— Impact of guselkumab on quality of life and work productivity outcomes among patients with plaque psoriasis in the Corrona Psoriasis Registry. Armstrong AW, Duffin KC, Teeple A, Fitzgerald T, Rowland K, Uy JP, Gonzalez-Rivera T, McLean RR, Guo L, Shan Y, Van Voorhees AS.

— Outcomes in ixekizumab initiators by prior biologic status in the Corrona Psoriasis Registry. Van Voorhees AS, Harrison RW, Burge R, Malatestinic WN, Zhu B, Atiya B, Murage MJ, McLean RR, Crabtree M, O’Brien J, Lockshin B.

— Secukinumab significantly improves clinical and patient-reported outcomes up to 18 months of follow-up: real-world evidence from a US Psoriasis Registry. Bagel J, Behl A, Litman HJ, Medeiros RA, Guo N, Lebwohl M, Strober BE.

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