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CorEvitas LLC Expands into Pregnancy with the Acquisition of Pregistry, LLC

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Investment augments CorEvitas’ pharmacovigilance services to fulfill global regulatory requirements for the safety of medications and vaccines during pregnancy

Waltham, MA and Los Angeles, CA, November 22, 2022 – CorEvitas, LLC (“CorEvitas”), an industry leader in syndicated registries, announced the acquisition of Pregistry, LLC (“Pregistry”), a global leader in safety studies during pregnancy. The acquisition represents CorEvitas’ fifth acquisition and expands its real-world evidence footprint to include syndicated pregnancy observational studies and retrospective claims studies. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Founded in 2014, Pregistry leverages the expertise of over 70 pregnancy specialists covering a range of clinical, safety, regulatory, marketing, and technology needs to provide information that supports healthy pregnancies and births. Pregistry’s data informs individuals, providers, and industry stakeholders regarding health and safety during and after pregnancy, and ensures that prescribers, regulators, and pharmaceutical companies have the information needed to understand the potential benefits and risks of medications and vaccines during pregnancy. Pregistry partners with global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to conduct observational studies on drug and vaccine safety during pregnancy.

This investment accelerates CorEvitas’ continued expansion of syndicated registries, complementing its already deep base of expertise in conducting post-approval safety studies in autoimmune and inflammatory-mediated diseases. CorEvitas brings 20 years of experience creating and managing specialized patient registries to study real-world effectiveness and safety of advanced therapies.

“For the last eight years, Pregistry has been a leader in the design and execution of FDA- and EMA-mandated pregnancy exposure registries and other observational studies in the maternal health field, including the world’s largest pregnancy registries on COVID-19 vaccines and COVID-19 treatments” said Dr. Diego Wyszynski, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pregistry.

Dr. Wyszynski continued, “Now, with CorEvitas’ investment and partnership, our teams will be able to provide deeper clinical registry data, a holistic view of the pregnant person’s experience, and deeper resources to our customers. Pregnant people and healthcare providers will have access to more information, allowing better treatment decisions and healthier pregnancies and babies.”

“We are excited to partner with Dr. Diego Wyszynski and his team as we embark together on the next stage of expansion into syndicated pregnancy registries and leverage our companies’ collective resources, novel technology platforms, and deep patient insights to better serve our pharmaceutical customers,” said Raymond H. Hill, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer at CorEvitas. “Pregistry conducts pregnancy studies required by regulatory agencies worldwide, complementing our existing pharmacovigilance business while opening a new set of use cases for CorEvitas to serve.”

About CorEvitas

CorEvitas is a science-led, real-world data intelligence company. Using syndicated registry data and analytic services to understand the post-approval comparative effectiveness and safety of approved therapies, CorEvitas provides biopharmaceutical companies with objective data and clinical insights to demonstrate the value of their products to clinicians, patients, payers, and regulators. The company operates eight major autoimmune and inflammatory registries across the U.S., Canada, and Japan, collecting data from almost 500 participating investigator sites, including collection of biosamples linked to the deep clinical data. CorEvitas also conducts client-sponsored registries through its Patient Powered Registries business, employing a transformative patient-focused registry model to support research needs for patient-centered outcomes across all therapeutic areas. The company’s regulatory-grade registry data is complemented by its Patient Experience business, supporting evidence-based patient engagement initiatives across the product lifecycle, as well as its Specialty EMR Data business and retinal data set. CorEvitas is headquartered in Waltham, MA and is a portfolio company of Audax Private Equity.

About Pregistry

Pregistry is a global leader in conducting observational studies to assess the safety of medications and vaccines used during pregnancy. With over 75 pregnancy specialists, covering a range of clinical, preclinical, safety, regulatory, marketing, and IT needs, the focus is on healthy and safe pregnancies and babies, and that prescribers have the information needed to be able to explain the potential benefits and risks of medications and vaccines during pregnancy.