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Avalere Health Partners With Leading Registry And Analytics Company, Corrona Llc, To Combine Economic And Clinical Outcomes Data For Autoimmune Diseases

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The collaboration leverages the Inovalon MORE2 Registry® payer-sourced dataset and Corrona’s platform of clinical registries to enable data-driven insights on the treatment of autoimmune diseases from both clinical and health economic perspectives.

Avalere, an Inovalon company specializing in healthcare research and strategic advisory services, has entered into a collaboration with Corrona, a leader in real-world evidence generation in autoimmune diseases through its independent registry platform. Under the agreement, Avalere will utilize data from Inovalon’s large scale, real-world MORE2 Registry® dataset along with data elements from Corrona’s clinical registries. The MORE2 Registry® dataset contains primary source, de-identified, and longitudinally matched medical, pharmacy, and laboratory data on more than 314 million unique patients spanning 53 billion medical events and more than 988,000 physicians across Medicare, Medicaid, and commercially insured markets. Corrona collects deep clinical data on validated physician assessments used in pivotal phase 3 trials as well as disease-specific patient reported outcomes, yielding a comprehensive longitudinal dataset that stands apart from datasets derived from electronic medical records, claims, or patient surveys. Data collected from over 500 sites in the US, Canada, and Japan make Corrona the largest network of real-world investigators contributing prospective data for patients with autoimmune conditions. Combined, the datasets will offer a complete and highly differentiated picture of patients with autoimmune conditions, enabling the real-world and longitudinal assessment of the dynamics between patient demographics, clinical characteristics, functional status, patient-reported outcome measures, laboratory values, healthcare resource utilization, and economic outcomes.

The analytics will be conducted on a de-identified basis in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 as well as within the guidelines of Inovalon and Corrona individual client and data use agreements.

“Analytics using Avalere’s payer-sourced claims data along with Corrona’s rich clinical data offer a unique view into the value of therapies and services that treat and manage autoimmune diseases,” said John E. Linnehan, director of Avalere’s Healthcare Economics & Advanced Analytics practice. “This collaboration will allow for the generation of insights that can support the evaluation of treatment modalities for patients suffering from autoimmune conditions and lead to improvement in patient outcomes.”

“We are excited to work with Avalere in this important endeavor,” said Leslie Harrold, Chief Scientific Officer of Corrona. “After a thorough review of potential collaborators, Avalere stood out because of the breadth and coverage of their dataset against that of Corrona. As a clinical researcher, I am excited about what the MORE2 Registry® adds to Corrona’s deep clinical data and patient reported outcomes. It will allow pharmaceutical companies and academic researchers to gain new insights that will ultimately improve the health and well-being of patients with autoimmune diseases.”

About Corrona

Corrona provides real world evidence through syndicated registry data and analysis services, helping biopharmaceutical companies demonstrate the value of their products to clinicians, patients, payers, and regulators. Corrona operates six major autoimmune registries across the US, Canada and Japan, collecting data from over 500 participating investigator sites. In addition to supporting hundreds of manuscripts and abstracts, Corrona has supported post approval safety commitments for multiple advanced therapies approved for autoimmune conditions. Corrona is headquartered in Waltham, MA. Through its subsidiary Health iQ, Corrona has access to a broad range of UK and international data sets across primary and secondary care, as well as deep relationships with the NHS, Public Health England, and leading UK academic institutions. The Company’s HealthiVibe business complements and strengthens Corrona’s strong presence in disease registries by providing market-leading expertise in supporting innovative, evidence-based patient engagement initiatives across the product lifecycle. Learn more at, or via email at

About Avalere

Avalere Health, an Inovalon Company (Nasdaq: INOV), is a strategic advisory company whose core purpose is to create innovative solutions to complex healthcare problems. Based in Washington, D.C., the firm delivers actionable insights, product solutions, and custom analytics for leaders in healthcare business and policy. Avalere’s experts span 230 staff drawn from Fortune 500 healthcare companies, the federal government (e.g., CMS, OMB, CBO and the Congress), top consultancies and nonprofits. The firm offers deep substance on the full range of healthcare business issues affecting the Fortune 500 healthcare companies. Avalere’s focus on strategy is supported by a rigorous, in-house analytic research group that uses public and private data to generate quantitative insight. Through events, publications and interactive programs, Avalere insights are accessible to a broad range of customers. For more information, visit, or follow us on Twitter @avalerehealth.