We believe that the voice of the patient should hold tremendous influence over the decisions made in the healthcare industry.

Digital Patient Experience Lab

Evaluate wearables, mobile apps, virtual platforms, telemedicine with real-life patients in a natural setting, leveraging the latest biometric tools.

Patient Communities

CorEvitas has a wealth of cultivated data through its HealthUnlocked platform, which hosts a social network of 1.5 million patients.

Patient Co-Creation Methods

Innovative qualitative, in-person and virtual methodologies to gather deep patient insights; includes 1-on-1 interviews, highly interactive workshops, and asynchronous online qualitative techniques.

Clinical Trial Simulations

A “rehearsal” of your clinical trial to assess burden, uncover any challenges that may be barriers to participation; PI, site coordinator, patient and care partner provide actionable protocol feedback.

Patient Councils & Advisors

Groups of disease-aware patients and care partners collaborate with client teams over an extended period to help them understand the lived patient experience and optimize patient programs.

Medical Communications

Offering boutique print, digital, and high touch patient & site medical communications solutions.


Online survey platform to field HCP, patient, or care partner surveys, conduct analysis in any language on any device.

HealthUnlocked Patient Communities

Wealth of cultivated data through HealthUnlocked platform, which hosts a social network of 1.54 million patients

HealthUnlocked is the world's largest social network for health

Market Research Online Communities

Unique patient communities provide rich, longitudinal, contextual insights into human needs, behavior & journeys from a specific population.

Rapid Insights

Targeted quantitative surveys, qualitative research, and social dialogue analysis in existing communities deliver insights at the speed of business.

Recruitment for Clinical Trials

Proprietary technology identities and targets individuals, for accelerated referrals and randomization.

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